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Academic Medical Center Helsinki (AMCH)

Top-notch medical research, education and care meet daily on the AMCH campus. AMCH is close cooperation between the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Helsinki, the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) and Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUCH) to benefit patients and the entire society.


Biomedicum Helsinki - Photo:Veikko Somerpuro

News and Interviews

  • Individualised care  -   Professor Sampsa Hautaniemi and his systems biology research group strive to help health-care professionals take the individual characteristics of patients better into account. (14.10.2014)
  • Professor Sampsa Hautaniemi has been awarded the Anders Jahre's Prize for young medical researchers
    The Anders Jahre Prize for Young Scientists, amounting to NOK 400,000 (49 000 euros) is to be shared between Professor Sampsa Hautaniemi, University of Helsinki, and Professor Rickard Sandberg, Karolinska Institutet. (11.9.2014)
  • New biological links between sleep deprivation and the immune system discovered  -   The University of Helsinki research group Sleep Team has discovered new biological links between sleep loss and the immune system.The results provide at least a partial explanation of why sleep deprivation increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. (30.10.2013)
  • Cancer Cell Metabolism Kills  -   Scientists from the University of Helsinki, Finland have found that even a short-term shortage of ATP supply can be fatal for cancer cells because activation of a mitochondria-addressed cell death pathway. These findings may lead to new therapies specifically targeting the altered energy supply chains of cancer cells to get cancer cells to commit suicide.(16.4.2013)
  • The zebrafish revealed a central regulator for the development of the brain histamine system
    Researchers at University of Helsinki have shown in a study conducted on zebrafish, that the presenilin-1 (psen1) gene associated with Alzheimer’s disease functions as a central regulator for the development of the histamine system. (6.2.2013)
  • The end of the dead end  -   In addition to excellent brainpower, the development of effective cancer medicines requires hospitals and a little help from the pharmaceutical industry. Researchers at the Meilahti Medical Campus have a plan to put all of these together. (HUB 26.4.2012)
  • Breast cancer spread triggered by a cleaver-wielding protein on cancer cell’s surface  -   Scientists from the University of Helsinki and UCSF have exposed a cell pathway that breast tumor cells use to destruct local tissue neighborhood. Cancer cells may use this pathway to free themselves from mammary epithelial tissue architecture, to spread to surrounding tissues. (23.1.2012)
  • Aiming at research work  -  Julia Döhla, a student of biomedical sciences, fell in love with Helsinki and found the TRANSMED Master's Degree Programme. Tuomo Hartonen, a student of natural sciences, wanted to combine physics and biology and ended up working towards a master's degree at the Meilahti campus. (12.2011)
  • Cooking up success  -   Childhood dream of becoming a celebrity chef is exchanged for world-class genetics
    ( HUB 5/2011)
  • C. elegans, the coolest worm on earth
    (HUB 2/2011)
  • Zebrafish and its brains
    (HUB 5/2010)