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Academic Medical Center Helsinki (AMCH)

Top-notch medical research, education and care meet daily on the AMCH campus. AMCH is close cooperation between the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Helsinki, the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) and Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUCH) to benefit patients and the entire society.

Cancer and developmental biological research

Controlling Transcription Elongation by RNA polymerase II: mechanisms, disease and developmen
Matjaz Barboric
, principal investigator

Mitochondria and apoptosis.
Ove Eriksson, senior lecturer

Hautaniemi Laboratory
Systems biology analysis of complex biological systems; mathematical and computational methods to gain holistic understanding of the function and control of biological processes.
Sampsa Hautaniemi, principal investigator

Holmberg Laboratory
C. elegans model system for proteasome studies.
Carina Holmberg-Still, principal investigator

Cancer Cell Circuitry Laboratory
Cellular programs selectively active in cancer cells as a result of oncogene activity. Retroviral & lentiviral gene transfer. Genetic, systems biology, biochemical & cellular analyses.
Juha Klefström, Ph.D/docent, principal investigator

Monni Laboratory, oncogenomics
Genome-wide approaches to study genes deregulated in cancer due to copy number alteration and to identify putative target genes with pathophysiological or therapeutic role in cancer. Biochip and functional genomics technologies.
Outi Monni, PhD/Docent, Principal Investigator

Mäkelä Laboratory
Signaling by the metabolic regulator and tumor supressor kinase LKB1. Transcriptional regulation by cyclin-dependent kinases Cdk7 and Cdk8 in growth and differentiation.
Tomi Mäkelä, professor

Raivio group
Genetic defects of puberty. Modeling of congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism with human pluripotent stem cells.
Taneli Raivio, MD, Ph.D, professor, principal investigator

Developmental Biology
Inductive signaling in embryogenesis. Control of stem cell differentiation.
Hannu Sariola, professor

The Somerharju Lipid Group
Regulation of lipid composition of membranes in mammalian cells.
Pentti Somerharju, senior lecturer