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Academic Medical Center Helsinki (AMCH)

Top-notch medical research, education and care meet daily on the AMCH campus. AMCH is close cooperation between the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Helsinki, the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) and Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUCH) to benefit patients and the entire society.


Biomedical departments offer a unique and stimulating research environment surrounded by state-of-art resources and facilities of the leading and largest biomedical research campus in Finland.

The research of about 30 research groups is focussed on three main areas, which are neurosciences, metabolism and cancer and developmental biology. The high scientific standards of principal investigators (group leaders) and their groups are reflected by memberships in the Academy of Finland Centers of Excellence, in peer-reviewed Research Programs of the Medical Faculty and graduate school networks. Our group leaders also coordinate a number of core infrastructures at Biomedicum Helsinki, including Biomedicum Imaging Unit, Biomedicum Genomics with genome-scale lentiviral libraries, virus laboratory and biochip facility, Zebrafish Unit and Tissue Processing Unit.

Photo: Jukka Suokas
Research group leaders meeting, May 2011

The external research funding from the Academy of Finland, TEKES, European Union, private foundations and companies reaches more than 50 % of the total budget. The total amount of personnel engaged in the research is now about 200 scientists, research assistants and PhD students.

Please, visit the group web sites for further information on the ongoing research activities and contact group leaders for available internship, graduate and postdoctoral training positions at the departments.

Photo:Mauri Helenius