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prof. Antti Pertovaara
M.D., Ph.D.

+358-2941 25280
E-mail: antti dot pertovaara
at helsinki dot fi

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Faculty of Medicine / Physiology
PO Box 63
00014 University of Helsinki

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Haartmaninkatu 8
(Biomedicum Helsinki)
00290 Helsinki

Biomedicum Helsinki

Neurophysiology of chronic pain and its treatment

Pain and hyperalgesia induced by inflammation or a peripheral nerve injury are common clinical problems with a great socio-economic impact. We study the hypothesis according to which plasticity in pain modulatory pathways contributes to long-lasting pain in these conditions. In our recent studies we are addressing the plasticity of the striatum, a major player in motor control, and the amygdala, a major player in emotions, as a cause of chronic pain and hypersensitivity. The results potentially help to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic methods for chronic pain. The experiments are performed in parallel in humans and experimental animals using a multidisciplinary approach from cellular electrophysiology through brain imaging to behavior.


Academy of Finland and the Sigrid Jusélius Foundation.