Contact Information

Professor Esa Korpi

Docent Anni-Maija Linden, PhD
Tel: 02941 25335

Street address:
Haartmaninkatu 8
(Biomedicum Helsinki)
00290 Helsinki

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 63
00014 University of Helsinki

Rodent phenotyping and in vivo experimentation unit (Rofe)

The rodent phenotyping, in vivo experimentation unit (Rofe) located at Biomedicum Helsinki offers services for research related to various disease models and rodent phenotyping. Service is available for academic and industrial users.

Research groups (PIs) forming Rofe have set up state-of-the-art equipment and methodology to analyze behavioral and physiological features of various disease models. These include behavioral models for neuropsychiatric disorders including addiction models, physiological measurements of vigilance state and brain neurochemistry as well as analysis of cardiovascular and metabolic functions.

In addition, Rofe has equipment and methodology for analysis of locomotor activity, motor coordination and sensory, emotional and cognitive functions.

Researchers are responsible for applying appropriate permissions from authorities for testing experimental animals.

Rofe is not responsible for breeding and maintenance of experimental animals. This is taken care by the Laboratory Animal Centre of the University of Helsinki.