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Reeta Huhtala
+358-2941 25260
Room A129a

Helena Taskinen
+358-2941 25270
Room B117b

Street address:
Haartmaninkatu 8
(Biomedicum Helsinki)
00290 Helsinki

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 63
00014 University of Helsinki

Antibodies produced by Ismo Virtanen

Responsible person: Reeta Huhtala

A number of antibodies against intermediate filaments, such as neurofilament, snail, and several laminins and keratins, are also available from the service unit. The antibodies were originally developed by Prof. Ismo Virtanen and his group. The antibodies are produced in mouse cell lines and are supplied as a supernatant.

List of available antibodies (pdf)

Automated immunohistochemical staining
Automated immunohistochemical staining of adult zebrafish brain using a neurofilament antibody 13AA8 available for purchase from the service unit. Left: Immunofluorescence detection. Right: Detection with a HRP-conjugated antibody and DAB staining.